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Clean and Seal Non-Slip Patio


We were contacted by the MD of a very reputable property rental company based in Aphrodite Hills.
They had recently taken over managing a property with 320m2 of outside stone patio/BBQ/pool areas.
The whole stone surface had been untreated since the property was built and due to this neglect the grease from the barbeque area together with the Cyprus dust and some building work the new owner of the villa wanted to get it all cleaned up and sealed.

Firstly, we used an industrial de-greaser (ensuring it would not burn the stone) to clean all the food waste and grease from the effected surfaces.
Secondly, we used diamond cutting pads to move the builder’s materials from the effected surfaces.
Thirdly, we used high pressure petrol driven jet lances to jet wash the whole surface to remove all loose material, dust and dirt. We then left the surface to dry for 24 hours.
Lastly, a non-slip impregnating clear coating was applied to the whole area to give a uniform consistent look that will provide an easily cleaned surface for years to come.

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