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Roof Repair & Waterproof Seal



Kato Paphos

Whilst repairing a leaking roof on a property within a complex, we received a referral from our existing client for a neighbor who was having similar problems.
The roof had not been examined since it had been built (8years) and was letting in water to the top floor apartment.
We carried out a survey and took many pictures to assist the prospective client in understanding the condition of the roof, internal drainage pipes and satellite dish mounts.
The sun had parched some of the original roof felting and it had cracked and peeled in places.

Our Solution;
Firstly, we took up all lose, cracked and damaged roof felts to ensure that we where not fixing to old areas. We the re-laid fresh felt to all damaged areas including internal drain pipes and satellite mounts.
We then applied two coats of sealer to ensure a water tight seal, then finished off with two coats of reflective paint.
The job was completed (with pictures of work) within the clients and time constraints as the client had limited time to have the work finished before returning to the UK.


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