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Tarrozzo Floor Issues





The clients had moved into a property that had a terrazzo floor upstairs and down. The upper floor was dull and had some large scratch marks and gouges.
The stairs had been laid with carpet, unfortunately for Mrs. B the carpet was glued down directly on top of the terrazzo.

Downstairs was similar to the upstairs; however outside the property the terrazzo was very badly stained.

Client Requirements;

To take up the carpet from the stairs and clean off the glue, polish and seal.
The upper and lower floors scratches and gouges were to be repair and the floor needed to be polished and left with a uniform look.


Our Solution;

Using a very strong cleaning agent we cleared all of the glue from the stairs and surrounding areas.
The floors were repaired using a sophisticated floor repair method that grinded it to match the existing floor surface. The whole property was re- polished and sealed for a uniform consistent look.

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